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About Us

We combine creativity, skill and technical knowledge to provide About Usgratifying results that not only look terrific, but that protect your treasures. We happily undertake the most modest…or the most ambitious…projects, including those requiring archival museum-quality framing.

The result? As Master Framers, we provide the benefit of many years of design experience. Together, we create a product that enhances not only the items being framed, but that complements your décor. To put it another way, we're not just a “picture framer”…but an interior design consultant. In fact, we often collaborate with interior designers or architects for both residential and commercial projects.

Sounds expensive, you say? Not so! We give the same level of attention to those little snapshots and postcards that you wish to frame economically as we do to full-blown archival treatments for priceless original art.

We showcase nearly 5,000 frame samples in all shapes, colors, designs, and price ranges. You won't find a more expansive collection of choices anywhere

So whether you need an inexpensive small frame, or a large ornate hand-made water gilded frame or mirror, you need look no further. !

And with the popularity of home or office “makeover” concepts, we are exceedingly talented at rejuvenating your old and tired-looking art or wall hangings. In fact, there are few “home improvements” that are more affordable or more dramatic than changing or upgrading your wall décor.

See SERVICES for more details.

All work is performed on-site by professional framers using
state-of-the-art equipment, materials and techniques.


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