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Custom Framing


It's framing you don't do yourself, or that's done by someone who makes something fit into a standard size, ready-made frame. That might be over-simplifying it somewhat, but the important thing to know is that it's not necessarily more expensive.

Sure, you can get a mass produced frames from the discount store, and then hope for the best on how effective the final results might be. Typically these frames are made from inferior materials that are stapled together.

The moldings are often made from plastic or pressed wood, and the "finish" might be a vinyl wrapping. Mats, if provided, are often inexpensive chemical-laden paper mats that discolor and deteriorate quickly, damaging the art or photo they are supposed to protect. The glass is often "shock glass"…the least expensive and poorest quality glass around.

What really differentiates do-it-yourself or store-bought framing from custom framing is design and expertise. The size, texture and color of the frame, the mat, and other elements like French lines, v-grooves, ovals and other shapes, and the quality of the mounting, fitting, glazing materials and techniques are the things that turn the "ordinary" into something that says "wow!".

See SERVICES for more details.

Of course, we guarantee the quality of our workmanship, materials and techniques. All work is 100% performed on our premises.

Best of all, value-driven consumers recognize the difference every time. We therefore have a slogan that can be taken quite literally:

J Miller, Pictureframer:
“When the difference matters…”

We use only acid-free mats and mounting materials and offer
a dozen types of glazing (glass).

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